Basic Shots in Playing Golf

So you have taken interest in learning to play golf. Golf is a fun sport especially when you are improving with your shots on the course. However, for beginners, playing golf can be quite hard since you need to take professional lessons and practice consistently.

There are parts of golf that will elude you your entire life, but certain fundamentals are essential. You have to be able to hit a driver off the tee with a fair amount of confidence. You have to be able to hit an iron off the ground and get out of a greenside bunker. You have to know a few basic short shots around the green and be able to keep your cool when things get ugly.

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What are the basic shots?

Below are some tips to help you get started in learning the basic shots in golf.

  • Know when to chip and when to pitch

When you have a short shot to the green, you are going to hit either a chip or a pitch. What is the difference between the two? A chip shot stays low and runs along the ground, and a pitch flies higher and doesn’t roll as much. Use a chip when you don’t have to carry the ball over an obstacle, like deep rough or bunker, and you have a lot of green between you and the hole. Use a pitch when you have to carry over something or need to stop the ball faster. The extra height on a pitch shot causes the ball to land softer and stop faster.

  • Try to get out of a bunker every time

The greenside bunker shot is the one shot in golf where you don’t actually hit the ball. You swing the clubhead into the sand behind the ball, and the sand pushes it out. For that reason, you have to swing quite a bit harder than you might expect. Here is a basic technique: Using your sand wedge, you need to stand so the ball is even with your front instep. Twist your feet in for stability, and focus on a spot about two inches behind the ball. Swing the club back about halfway then down and through that spot behind the ball. Keep turning your body so your chest faces the target at the finish.

  • Use your athleticism

Beginning golfers often get so tied up in the instructions for making the swing that they lose their athletic instincts. Golf might be more mental than other sports, but the swing is still dynamic athletic movement.

  • Do not be afraid of the driver

You might think the driver is more than you can handle right now. It is the longest club in your bag and the head is gigantic. Here are a few tips to handle this driver. First, tee the ball nice and high. Second, take the club back smoothly and make a full body turn on, getting your back to face the target. Third, swing through the ball. Just let it get in the way of the clubhead through impact. Last, hold your finish. If you can finish in balance, you have swung at a speed you can control.

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