Proper Golf Etiquette

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Sooner or later, you will be invited by your friends or colleagues to play golf. You might be a little afraid because you do not know the proper golf etiquette. Golf etiquette may seem complicated but if you start with the basic points you will be fine.

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  1. Do not lag behind

The easiest way to endear yourself to playing partners has nothing to do with how well you play, but rather, how fast. A good way to monitor your pace of play is to always remain a half hole behind the group in front of you.

  1. Wait for your turn

This rule applies everywhere, not only in golf. If all golfers hit at the same time, it would be mass confusion, so knowing when to go is important. Traditionally, the person who had the best score on the previous hole has “the honor” and tees off first.

  1. Take good care of the course

It is hard work to make a golf course look as good as it does. Do your part to take care of it. For starters, if you are in a golf cart, ask if it is alright to take the carts on the grass or if they must remain on the cart path. On the course, if you take a divot, you should either replace it carefully placing it in the spot and then firmly pressing down on it with your foot, or filling the hole with some seed mix.

  1. Know where to stand

Golf may seem like a genteel sport but keep in mind that it is played with blunt objects. On the green, try to stay out of the line of sight of the person putting. Further, when walking on the green, be aware of the line from other players’ balls and the hole.

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